Cracking AR's Toughest Challenge: Sales

A Virtual Workshop For Analyst Relations Professionals

Part 1: June 22, 2021 (Half Day)

Part 2: June 23, 2021 (Half Day)

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Topic Overview

Although sales success has a special allure, industry analyst relations (AR) teams struggle to inject value into their companies’ sales cycles. Whether they target lead generation, shortlists, wins or anywhere in between, failure rates are high – far higher than for any other aspect of AR. AR managers promising sales success are therefore committing to a precarious future. Yet a minority overcome the barriers to generate repeatable sales results. How do they do it?


Event Overview

In this interactive virtual workshop split across two work-days, you will learn the fundamental criteria for AR sales success and will apply them to your own company, culminating in a completed readiness scorecard which you can take back to your company for use in your own sales program. A Forrester analyst will show you which of these success factors you can influence and which lie outside your hands. You will see which generate fragile successes and what you can do to make them more robust. Crucially, you will see what your program should look like from the perspective of your sales team.

Key Takeaways 

You will learn how to provide unique forms of support to your company’s sales force. In particular a Forrester analyst will teach you how to: ·

  • Understand your company’s top sales challenges
  • Find, assess, and create sales-worthy analysts
  • Identify sales-worthy publications and ensure you can use them to maximal effect
  • Structure your AR team for optimal sales engagement
  • Prepare the sales team to capitalize upon analysts, publications, and AR
  • Forge a productive working relationship with sales people
  • Detect analysts in sales cycles
  • Inject analysts into sales cycles
  • Strengthen sales proposals
  • Resolve prospect objections
  • Enrich existing sales accounts
  • Assess and use important, supporting automation
  • Measure the sales program overall and key elements within it
  • Obtain recognition and reward.

Who Should Attend?

Analyst relations (AR) directors/managers, influencer relations directors/managers, product managers, sales enablement professionals, sales managers, and anyone else involved in, or wanting to introduce, a program of demonstrable AR support for their companies’ sales teams and sales cycles.
Marketing directors, corporate communications directors, and CEOs who want to understand the sales value that AR can deliver.


Why Attend?

  • Undertake hands-on exercises by applying the same methodologies that Forrester analysts use for their own research.
  • Leave with an understanding of crucial sales success factors for AR and an assessment of your company’s strengths and weaknesses against them.
  • Given how few AR professionals deliver successful sales programs, you can reasonably claim to be among the crème-de-la-crème of the AR profession if you are one of the exceptions. Attend this virtual workshop and learn how to join them.

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