The Fundamentals Of Highly Effective Analyst Relations

A Virtual Workshop For Analyst Relations Professionals

Part 1: December 10, 2020 (Half Day)

Part 2: December 11, 2020 (Half Day)

This virtual workshop will suit attendees from GMT to Moscow time zones. Please refer to the agenda for its timing in these time zones.

Topic Overview

Industry analysts influence vendor markets, specific sales deals, product development, and even market capitalization. So no vendor dare let analysts do this unchaperoned. Instead, many vendors opt to focus analyst influence on their own corporate priorities through an analyst relations (AR) function.

Yet many people responsible for AR have no AR training and very limited time; AR may be only one of many hats they wear. Consequently they formulate shallow AR programs where activity and analyst interaction substitute for creation of tangible business value. Instead they must understand what an AR strategy entails, what resources they need to drive influence, and how to execute even when analysts’ objectives differ from the vendor’s dramatically.


Event Overview

This workshop will introduce you to all the core fundamentals of AR so that you understand what your program must contain if it is to deliver lasting, valuable analyst influence. We will also show you how to use Forrester’s scorecard for core AR which you can use to track the growth of your AR prowess as you apply the lessons from the workshop at your company.

Key Takeaways 

You will learn all the key components of an AR program designed to deliver manifest business value. In particular, a Forrester analyst introduces you to the fundamental insights that you will need to:

  • Clarify what analysts do, how they perceive their jobs, and what this means for the value you can extract from them, and the mechanisms you will need to derive it.
  • Understand the components of AR strategy, and how this helps you promote program value internally.
  • Define the core of an AR program so that you focus energy on the most important processes.
  • Recognize which analysts will, and will not, prove useful to you.
  • Build a group of spokespeople and customer references who will help you deliver effective analyst interactions and messages.
  • Deliver effective analyst briefings, handle analyst requests, and participate strongly in analyst reports.
  • Manage AR systems, staffing, and progress reporting.
  • Assess and track your AR prowess with Forrester’s core AR scorecard.

Who Should Attend?

  • New or untrained analyst relations professionals
  • Technology marketing professionals, corporate communications professionals, PR professionals, or CEOs whose responsibilities include hands-on AR, or to whom AR reports
  • Product managers whose responsibilities include AR.

Those who take part in AR programs as subject matter spokespeople may prefer to attend Forrester's dedicated spokesperson training which focuses more deeply on their role in analyst interactions. For more information, email

Why Attend?

Analyst relations is a full-blown profession, even though it may be just one of your responsibilities. This means there is much to learn and hence you must prioritize your learning, and your execution, very carefully. To ensure your program is maximally effective – whether your company has a part time or full time AR function – ensure that you know what the fundamentals are that will drive your program’s ultimate success. Create a platform, not just for exceptional AR performance, but for growing your AR knowledge, skill, and technique in future too. In particular, you will:

  • Learn the types of business value that an AR program can deliver, and why many AR programs fail to deliver much significant value at all.
  • Leave with a clear list of the AR program elements that you must manage and execute in order to deliver AR value, not just a program of AR activity.
  • Understand where you must grow your knowledge of AR technique as you seek to mature your AR program and your own AR knowledge too.
  • Network with peers facing similar goals and challenges.

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    This workshop will be held virtually, and attendees will be notified 3 business days prior to the event indicating the tools needed to allow access to the virtual event. 

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