Training Great AR Spokespeople

A Two-Part Virtual Workshop For Analyst Relations Professionals

Part 1: June 24, 2020 (Half Day)
Part 2: June 25, 2020 (Half Day)
This virtual workshop will suit attendees in European time zones. Please refer to the agenda for its timing in these time zones.

Topic Overview

For the vast majority of industry analyst relations (AR) programs, it’s vital for AR professionals to work with internal subject-matter experts who excite analysts to champion the vendor’s products and services in the marketplace. But subject knowledge and a passing acquaintance with industry analysts are not sufficient; spokespeople must know how to manage key interactions with analysts to ensure that each touch achieves predefined aims, thereby helping the AR program as a whole to deliver its planned business value. Anything less limits AR value and potentially harms analyst perceptions of the vendor, creating a major inhibitor of commercial success.

These successful AR programs demand spokespeople trained in AR technique. While AR managers may opt for third party sources of training to address large groups of spokespeople - Forrester itself can provide such training for them if you wish - others prefer to train in-house, weaving the specifics of their AR initiatives into the material, and ensuring that it’s maximally focused on the vendor’s unique program. Even when large-scale training is outsourced, AR must still weave new spokespeople into the program as needed, rather than waiting for annual training sessions.

Event Overview

Therefore, in this workshop, you will see which AR fundamentals your spokespeople must understand, and you will explore the options for giving and tailoring their training in-house using Forrester’s training materials yourself, and taking full account of the limited amounts of training time that busy executives can make available.

Key Takeaways 

Learn how to give highly effective spokesperson training. In particular, a Forrester analyst teaches you how to:

  • Recognize how the AR and spokesperson roles combine to deliver maximal AR value. This will clarify of what each can expect of the other in a productive working partnership
  • Explore the types of information content that spokespeople must understand. This will be a mix of AR fundamentals and technique, blended with the specifics of your AR program. It will dismantle faulty perceptions of analysts and AR, replacing these with principles intended to excite analysts - rather than merely to inform them - about a vendor’s significance
  • Understand the options for delivering this content in a vibrant and memorable fashion. This will include presentations, exercises, and role plays to enhance your trainees’ grasp of the most important issues.
  • Explore slideware and exercises that you can keep for use in your own training program, including unique materials derived from Forrester’s research about AR. These including visual maps of real briefings that executives will use to test their growing skills, techniques for lodging important facts in analyst memories, delivery of deep briefing content to appeal to the analyst’s often implicit definition of an ideal vendor, and an engagement model for the creation of productive analyst mindshare.
  • Tailor your options for both information content and training style, taking full account of different levels of executive availability, and the constraints that very limited availability imposes
  • Understand your options for relating executive training to certification of spokespeople as authorized representatives of your company to industry analysts

Who Should Attend?

Analyst relations directors/managers, influencer relations directors/managers, marketing directors, corporate communications directors, CEOs, product managers, PR managers with responsibility for analyst relations, and anyone else involved in or wanting to introduce executives or other subject-matter experts as AR spokespeople.


Why Attend?

  • Undertake hands-on exercises by applying the same methodologies that Forrester analysts use for the training that it provides to AR spokespeople directly.
  • Network with peers facing similar goals and challenges.
  • Leave with an understanding of key training success factors, and of how you can gain competitive advantage by deploying first class spokespeople in support of AR program objectives that executives understand, and will help the AR team to deliver.

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    This workshop will be held virtually, and attendees will be notified 3 business days prior to the event indicating the tools needed to allow access to the virtual event. 

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