CXSF 2017


San Francisco Marriott Marquis
October 19–20

Human + Machine

A tidal wave of digital tech has engulfed the theory and practice of breakaway CX. Automated platforms like bots, animated by AI and machine learning, promise powerful, personalized customer experiences. 

But in our rush to embrace these innovative customer experiences on digital channels, are CX professionals losing touch with the core driver of CX excellence: authentic human connections?

At CXSF 2017, we'll explore the right balance of human and machine -- how to harness these advanced technologies to human insight and judgement, and how to intermingle the automated and the authentic, the heuristic and the human, in the design and delivery of your customers' journeys.


    A Revolution Is Underway

    An array of emerging technologies are revolutionizing the practice of digital CX as we know it – including AI and machine learning, conversational interfaces, the long-promised blurring of the physical and the digital through augmented reality, and more. This revolution will push digital CX past its traditional focus on the web and mobile towards a complex web of platforms and channels that will require careful deployment and orchestration. 

    Human orchestration, to be specific

    Speed Is The Key...

    Already the growth of bots has surpassed the pace set by the early days of the mobile app revolution. And the pace of change shows no sign of slowing down, as the power and applicability of the new technologies expand and accelerate. Wait-and-see is not a viable strategy. CX leaders and professionals must leap into the fray. Your customers expect nothing less.

    … But Danger Lurks...

    Like all new tools, the emerging CX platforms can surprise their creators and their users -- in unexpected outcomes, unintended consequences, and new emergent behaviors. We’ll advise on best practices to control your risk, anticipate use cases, and respond rapidly. And retain human control.

    .. And The Competition Will Be Fierce

    New digital CX technologies will be the kindling that fuels a new wave of disruptive players and practices. The revolution will overturn everything, from the core business assumptions of your business and industry, the composition of your competitive set, right down to your customer expectations and loyalty, and your own day-to-day processes. The best defense will be a strong offense.

    30+ sessions featuring industry experts and Forrester analysts.

    >60% of attendees are director level and above.

    500+ CX leaders, innovators, and practitioners.

    >60% of attending companies achieve $1B+ in annual revenue.

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