Privacy And Security EMEA 2017


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October 5–6

Driving Business Growth And Customer Trust With Security

Privacy And Security Europe 2017 will explore the rapid elevation of security, privacy, and risk from the operational back office to strategic enterprise-level imperatives — and their role as key drivers of digital business and customer trust. How must security and risk professionals, IT leaders, and technology teams adjust to meet the new and rising expectations of customers and colleagues? How do shifting regulatory and legal environments (including the impending implementation of the GDPR) change the ground rules for data security and data governance?


    A New Event For A New Security Landscape

    Your consumers’ expectations of privacy and trust now go far beyond such basic questions as “will you protect my personal information?” They demand a seamless, consistent experience of safety, security, and data privacy. They require trust -- and the smartest enterprises are increasingly committed to trust as a core component of their value proposition and brand.

    Yet, this commitment to trust is happening at the same time that threats to data security are rapidly proliferating -- in number, variety, scale and sophistication. Established security techniques and technologies are buckling under the assault.

    In fact, Forrester predicts that a Fortune 1000 company will disappear in 2017 through bankruptcy, acquisition, or regulatory enforcement, because of a cyberattack.

    To WIN in this new era requires new approaches:

    First, security and risk must move from the back office to the forefront of corporate strategy. Security, privacy, and risk are no longer about managing exposure to the downside, but are now critical drivers of business success, customer loyalty, and revenue growth.

    Second, new technologies, teams and techniques are required to defeat the growing threats to enterprise data and security, while simultaneously delivering frictionless customer experiences that inspire trust.

    Forrester’s Privacy And Security Europe 2017 is designed to bring security and IT professionals together with business and strategy leaders to collaboratively leverage security and trust for future growth in this challenging and volatile environment.

    The Technology Of Trust

    What are the emerging technologies that can power the delivery of trust-based customer experiences and relationships? What risk and security technologies can simultaneously protect and deploy customer data while building trust and business value?

    Privacy And Business Growth

    Security and privacy are no longer defensive measures, designed to protect and reassure the customers you already have. A passionate commitment to privacy and trust is now a critical competitive advantage, and can be the source of new business opportunities and revenue. How can you deliver on customers’ expectations of privacy and trust to grow your business?

    Trust And Teamwork

    IT leaders and security professionals must now partner with marketers, digital business/ecommerce and customer experience professionals on a shared mission: How to work together to define, design and deploy patterns of technology, culture and process that deliver on the power of privacy and trust?

    The Privacy And Trust Ecosystem

    Trust requires unprecedented collaboration between technology and business teams in the design and delivery of experiences that inspire trust. But in today’s complex ecosystems of partners, vendors and platforms, trust also requires deep collaboration with partners outside the enterprise. How can you align your partners’ strategies with your own?

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