November 16–17, 2015
BFI Southbank

The Event For Customer Experience Leaders, Innovators, And Practitioners

Join us to gain insights on customer experience trends and understand how to improve your customer experience quality and increase your customer loyalty.


CX And Emotion

Forrester’s research shows that emotion — how an experience makes the customer feel — contributes most to customer loyalty in 17 of the 18 industries we have studied. But when it comes to emotion, most business professionals regard the softer side of customer experience as accidental, not essential. That is a big mistake.

CX And Brand

The line between the brand, marketing, and CX disciplines has blurred as empowered customers gain access to companies and products on their own terms. But most firms lack sufficient alignment among brand, marketing, and the CX function to ensure that the customer experience delivered matches and reinforces the brand promises being made.

CX And Competitive Advantage

Evaluating the ROI of good CX by total stock market returns can be misleading. Some companies with great CX suffer poor returns, while some CX laggards beat the market. What is going on? Does customer experience really matter to business success — or is CX just the latest hype?

CX And Innovation 

Seven years of Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) data shows that companies are adept at fixing broken experiences. But few have succeeded at creating great experiences. To differentiate, firms must challenge existing experience models and deliver new value to customers.

CX And Culture

Competitive differentiation and innovation require organizations to adopt new customer-centric behaviors, beliefs, and skills. And while many people think that the job of CX pros is to improve the customer experience, their real job is to help their company become more customer-obsessed.

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