May 23–24, 2016
Lancaster London

The Event For Marketing Leaders, Innovators, And Practitioners

Join us to learn how to master today's complex marketing ecosystems, and deliver your brand promise in every customer touchpoint.


Beyond Digital

Marketers have been pushed inexorably toward a scientific, data-driven, automated definition of their jobs — big data, programmatic ad platforms, etc. But the pendulum is swinging back. Data is commoditized; everyone has access to the same tools, platforms, and marketplaces. The key is to put these tools at the service of superior "soft" outcomes — originality, personability, trust, and context. In other words, the challenge is: How to use science to create art?

Thriving In The Post-Digital Age

The rise of new digital devices and channels has radically altered consumers' media consumption habits. Emerging issues such as the internet of things present marketers with the opportunity to learn more about their customers and the way they use products in the real world. But what’s next? Learn what’s in store for the future of post-digital marketing and the implications it will have on your marketing organization.

Customer Understanding

Consumers are no longer passive "eyeballs" to be tracked, targeted, and messaged to; they're now active and critical in how they hunt for, filter, and consume information across thousands of channels. As a result, marketers who rely only on push messaging are struggling to deliver results.

The Power of Trust

Trust is the most critical component for developing and maintaining your brand. Brands have to be trusted, remarkable, unmistakable, and essential (TRUE) to deliver brand equity. Out of the four dimensions of our TRUE brand compass, Forrester has determined that trust is the most critical component for creating brand preference. Understand how your company can leverage consumer trust to strengthen your brand.

30+ sessions featuring industry experts and Forrester analysts.

>75% of attendees are director level and above.

250+ marketing leaders, innovators, and practitioners.

>51% of attending companies achieve $1B+ in annual revenue.

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