New Tech Forum 2017


Sheraton Boston
December 6

Big Ideas, Emerging Tech, Customer-Obsessed Innovation 

Join Forrester for an exclusive look ahead at the key trends, concepts and technologies that will shape the digital enterprise in 2018 – and meet a select group of innovative companies whose technologies will set the pace.

In this intensive, one-day program, our agenda will cover technologies including the revolutionary impact of distributed systems such as blockchain; the re-invention of customer experience by ambient, conversation-driven user interfaces; and the proliferation of autonomous objects born of the intersection of AI and IoT technology. We will focus on three critical challenges for technology and innovation leaders:

  • Understanding the increasing complexity and velocity of emerging digital technologies, as well as the opportunities and challenges they represent to existing business models and operating norms;

  • Mapping the proliferation of innovative and disruptive start-up and early stage companies powered by these emerging technologies; and

  • Best practices among large enterprises in the adoption of emerging technologies, as well as collaboration with early stage innovators.

Hear Forrester’s unique views on where to place your bets as a tech / business leader and dissect how to leverage these technologies to drive customer-obsessed innovation.


Our themes

Distributed Systems Multiply

The power of the network, so apparent in digital business models and social media, moves to reconfigure the enterprise. Network-powered technologies – especially blockchain – overturn longstanding centralized operational assumptions in favor of distributed, even fragmented processes. Meanwhile, computing power migrates from the center to the edge of corporate structures, revolutionizing everything from finance to the supply chain.

The Rise of the Ambient Interface 

Traditional web and mobile interfaces are being replaced by embedded AI-driven microservices, controlled by voice and gesture. The practice, design and delivery of customer experiences must evolve, shifting from the visual to the experiential, requiring new thinking and new technologies to create seamless, natural, invisible interfaces.

Automation Is Everywhere

Two of the key technology trends of the last five years – AI and IoT – merge as autonomous smart devices proliferate. For consumers, this will mean increasingly immersive, personalized experiences and environments; for businesses, it means waves of automation sweeping out to the edges of organization, controlling not just internal processes, but direct customer interaction.

The Human Factor Is Redefined

As AI-driven systems multiply, and more and more business processes automate, the role of humans in the enterprise will change drastically. The value of human input and control becomes more focused and precise, and the skills required become both more specialized and more nuanced. For many enterprises, the challenging question will be not what to automate, but where to continue to deploy human insight and judgement.

Join us

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Government, education, and nonprofit: $1,195

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