CXDC 2016


September 12, 2016
W Washington DC

The Event for Government and Industry Leaders who are actively leading the charge in improving customer experience.

Join us to learn how to overcome the unique obstacles that government agencies face in improving CX and deliver experiences that drive customer compliance and engagement.


    Customer Understanding

    Federal agencies must base their CX work on a real understanding of their customers, not guesses and excuses. Attendees will discover powerful, practical techniques that help leading agencies create experiences that make sense for customers' real lives.

    Design Thinking

    Design isn't just about graphic arts — it's about building CX processes that fulfill the needs of both customers and internal stakeholders. Attendees will learn how cutting-edge design techniques can help their agencies improve CX faster and more efficiently.

    Measurement & Metrics

    Federal agencies' fragmentary CX measurement efforts don't provide the insight decision-makers need to understand how to fix key customer pain points and track improvement. Attendees will find out what to measure and how to turn these insights into effective CX action.

    Leadership & Culture

    CX improvement needs commitment from both senior executives and the rank-and-file. Attendees will discover how to break through entrenched organizations and outdated cultures to earn cooperation from CX stakeholders throughout their agencies.

    15+ sessions featuring industry experts and Forrester analysts.

    >80% of attendees are director level and above.

    175+ government and industry leaders who are actively leading the charge in improving CX.

    Join Us Again

    Join us next September for CXDC 2017.

    Stay tuned for dates, program updates, and registration details.

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