Consumer Marketing 2017

AI Summit

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and related data-driven technologies have moved to the forefront of the business technology agenda. Together, they promise real-time analysis, immediate adaptability, and scalable automation. But the actual implementation of AI varies dramatically from function to function — and there are unique challenges to each application. 

In this program, co-located with Forrester's Consumer Marketing Forum, we will examine use of AI-driven technologies in marketing, from real-time customer analytics and personalization to the automated delivery of marketing and advertising.

Sessions include:

Introduction: Man And Machine In The Marketing Equation
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots, and related technologies all promise to reset the balance between automated and person-to-person interactions in marketing. The intense interest and activity in these technologies may, however, obscure careful consideration of best use — and overlook weaknesses in key applications. In this segment, we map best cases and future evolution of the human-machine interface.
Michael Facemire, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Going Deep With AI: How Deep Learning Will Disrupt Marketing
Getting the “right message to the right customer at the right time” has long been the goal of marketers but until recently advanced analytics only addressed part of that equation. While traditional machine learning can identify the “right customer” and “right time,” deep learning is now poised to deliver on the “right message.” Learn how advances in deep learning have brought about the recent AI renaissance, and how marketers can prepare for the inevitability of disruption.
Brandon Purcell, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Partner Session: Hire A Machine. Don’t Be One.
We are entering a new era of marketing -- the era of Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) -- an era where machines run 1,000's of recursive tests and manage the mathematical optimization of customer value growth, but the marketer remains in control while spending more time being strategic and creative. This session will explore the foundations of AIM and examine real world use cases where customers from industries like gaming, telco, and banking have realized material growth in customer value metrics including customer retention and average revenue per user (ARPU).
Matt Fleckenstein, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Amplero

The Rise Of Content Intelligence
The beauty of content intelligence lies in the democratization of machine learning to optimize daily content tasks and customer experience relevance. Practitioners who previously felt handcuffed by a lack of editorial, statistical, or creative bandwidth or expertise will soon find artificial intelligence (AI) coming to the rescue.
Nick Barber, Analyst, Forrester

Data, Analytics And The Search For "Brand Safety" 
Many marketers focus on data as a proxy for audience and reach, and miss the application to content -- at their peril, as recent news demonstrates. But the current furor over fake news and so on, can obscure the fact that "quality" content is not always synonymous with brand safety. In this conversation, we'll explore the nuances -- and limitations -- of data-driven approaches to brand safety. 
Michael Henry, CEO, OpenSlate
Susan Bidel,  Senior Analyst, Forrester