B2B Marketing 2017

Optional Pre-Forum Workshop

Exclusive workshops at Forrester's B2B Marketing 2017 Forum

Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Time: 1:00-5:00 p.m. CT
Location: JW Marriott Austin

How To Make ABM Drive Results For Your Business

Today’s B2B buyers exercise more control over the purchase process -- and avoid your sales overtures until they are ready to buy. B2B marketers must work harder than ever to get the buyer’s attention, and can’t afford to waste time, effort, and resources chasing the wrong buyers or interacting with the right buyers at the wrong time. Account-based marketing (ABM) addresses these issues by enabling marketing and sales to jointly obsess over how to pursue, establish, and grow long-term, revenue-bearing relationships with carefully selected customer accounts. This half-day workshop will help you build the right ABM strategy and outline a path forward to successful account-specific marketing and selling. Forrester B2B marketing analysts, Laura Ramos & Steve Casey, will facilitate an interactive discussion and conduct a series of exercises designed to ensure marketers, sales enablers, and executives can:

  • Align their ABM strategy with the right business goals.
  • Create a repeatable process for data-driven account selection and personalized engagement.
  • Develop a rational approach to technology adoption and usage.

Hosted By:

Laura Ramos,VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Steve Casey, Principal Analyst, Forrester

This workshop can be purchased separately through the link or as an add-on to your forum ticket. Pricing: $799.