CXNYC 2017


New York Hilton Midtown
June 20–21

Designing Breakaway Customer Experiences

Today’s CX leaders are expected to not just create great experiences, but to deliver CX programs that drive revenue and growth. Doing so requires more than simply meeting or exceeding your customers' expectations. You must elevate your CX strategies and tools to the next level. To create breakaway CX, disciplined analysis and execution are required. You must target customers who respond best to great experiences, who represent tangible future value, and whose loyalty will grow your business.  

Forrester’s 2017 CXNYC Forum will leverage our most recent research to help CX pros plan, design, and manage experiences that create real business impact.

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    It's Getting Crowded Out There

    Today, it seems everyone is focused on customer experience. And the more we all pursue better CX, the harder it becomes to innovate and differentiate. Forrester's own data bears this out: The gap between CX leaders and CX laggards is inexorably closing, as the laggards climb their way to the top with leader brands in their sights. At the same time, many CX leaders are stalling, losing their momentum just as they arrive at a particularly awkward place: Better than good, but not yet perfect.

    Which leads us to ask: Is there a natural ceiling on CX excellence? Is there a point beyond which we cannot go, despite our best efforts and most aggressive investments? Will the laggards inevitably match the leaders? If so, will the CX game soon be over?

    Welcome To The Next Level of CX Differentiation

    Forrester’s answer: Absolutely not. As someone once said, "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." In the first wave of CX, we leveraged customer experience broadly to create competitive advantage between brands. In the next stage, we will deploy CX with precision to create unique and explosive growth opportunities — even new businesses — for ourselves. The emerging smart CX strategy is less about doing better than the other guys, and more about escaping the gravitational pull of your own past performance, even to create new business opportunities. In other words, breakaway CX.

    At Forrester’s CXNYC 2017, our agenda will be focused on how to design, create and deliver next-gen, breakaway CX. Doing so requires four key insights:


    CX Matters To Some Customers More Than Others...

    We have long-known that not all customers are created equal. But our CX strategies often sought to deliver consistent, uniform experiences for all.

    To get to the next level, CX professionals must break out of that mindset, and apply segmentation tools to pinpoint customers who respond powerfully to exceptional CX. At CXNYC, we will explain the tools and techniques that can identity and engage customers who will value most the experience we deliver.

    Not All Customers Define Great CX The Same Way...

    At the same time, customers who respond best to your CX efforts are themselves segmented by different needs and values. Forrester's research shows that emotional engagement is the key to powerful CX — but we also know (for example) that some customers want to feel safe, while others need to feel valued. At CXNYC, we will teach you to identity the specific emotional triggers that are most important to your customers — and how to design experiences to create those exact emotional responses.

    Some Customers' Loyalty Is Worth More Than Others...

    Forrester's research also shows a direct relationship between exceptional CX and customer loyalty. But what is customer loyalty worth to you? Next-generation CX strategies require you to find and focus on customers who will be the most valuable to the future growth of your business — and who represent new future opportunities. At CXNYC, we will explore techniques for determining the current and future value of your customers.

    ...And Not All CX Investments Pay Off

    Great CX does not come cheap. And as differentiation becomes harder to achieve, CX expenditures can spiral skyward. So the next generation of CX professionals must know not only which customers to focus on, and which emotions matter most, you must also gauge the right level of investment against future customer value. At CXNYC, we will explore best practices for maximizing the ROI on your CX investments — and how to nurture revenue growth and new business opportunities with your CX strategies.


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