CXSF 2016


October 20–21, 2016 
San Francisco Marriott Marquis

The Event For Customer Experience Leaders, Innovators, And Practitioners

Join us to focus on the design and delivery of exceptional customer experiences in digital channels through the use of emerging technologies.


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    More Human Than Human: The Future of CX

    A cresting wave of new technologies — including everything from virtual and augmented reality, AI-powered chat bots, IoT and voice recognition platforms — is about to change both the theory and practice of CX, again. Many CX professionals are still perfecting their game on the web and mobile, but these new tools threaten to render much of that effort stale or redundant in short order. We kick off our program with a tour d’horizon of this new world.

    Quantifying Customer Needs

    To take full advantage of these emerging technologies, you must understand what makes your customers tick, mixing quantitative with qualitative methods. Knowing the who, what, when and where is essential; but without learning why your customers do what they do, and how to apply that to your work, any future-state CX projects will disappoint. In this segment, we look at advanced techniques for analysis and application of customer understanding.

    Designing For New Patterns Of Consumer Behavior

    Consumer adoption of new technologies (and often abandonment of the same) is only accelerating. The most innovative firms are able to leverage emerging digital tools quickly to create new business models and profit drivers. To keep pace with customer behaviors, the most savvy bring customers directly into the product and business design processes in radically new ways.

    Man Versus Machine In The CX Equation

    Machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots, and related technologies all promise to reset the balance between automated and person-to-person interactions in the CX delivery equation. The intense interest and activity in these technologies may, however, obscure careful consideration of best use — and overlook weaknesses in key applications. In this segment, we map best cases and future evolution of the human-machine interface.

    You've Really Got Some Nice Toys Here: Shiny New Tools For CX Professionals

    Virtual and augmented reality technologies are rapidly proliferating and fundamentally changing the opportunities brands can create for customers to interact with their products and services. How can CX professionals best deploy these technologies? Can virtual and augmented reality replace traditional retail and customer service experiences? Will consumers embrace the new platforms?

    Walking The Walk: Constructing The CX-Driven Business Model

    Sustainable, remarkable experiences, in any industry, require a customer-obsessed culture. Creating and maintaining a CX-driven culture is the competitive advantage at the core of the pace-setting and most innovative companies around. In this session, attendees will learn how leading practitioners design and manage CX programs that are explicitly intended to drive — and even change — the way they do business.

    30+ sessions featuring industry experts and Forrester analysts.

    >75% of attendees are director level and above.

    650+ CX leaders, innovators, and practitioners.

    >60% of attending companies achieve $1B+ in annual revenue.

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    Clients: $2,350
    Non-clients: $2,550
    Government, education, and nonprofit: $2,250

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    San Francisco Marriott Marquis
    780 Mission Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    +1 415.896.1600
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